Your SCADA Paging may be affected by 2G network turnoff

To date 2G has suited many applications requiring the transmission of small amounts of data like SCADA paging and there is a large installed base of 2g Modems installed throughout Australia. The sun-setting of 2G networks by both Telstra in 2016 and Optus in 2017 mean that these modems will need to be replaced.

2G Modem for SCADA Paging

As recently at 2014 suppliers were often using 2G modems like the one shown above for SCADA Alarm and event reporting to notify a list of on-call operators via SMS or pager alerts.

These modems will need to be replaced by a 3G version before the 4th quarter of 2016 if on the Telstra Network or before the first quarter of 2017 if on the Optus Network.  

Automation Group has helped many organisations to plan for migration from existing 2G networks to 3G networks and can assist with any other type of upgrade you may be considering – from telemetry systems including analog and digital radio networks to upgrades of legacy RTU systems with the latest DNP3 capable RTU equipment and Ethernet based systems. 

Automation Group trained technicians and Engineers are also able to provide upgrade, routine maintenance and breakdown maintenance of many different brands of SCADA software as well as multiple communications technologies and all number of PLC and RTU products.

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