4RF Aprisa SR Radio

The Aprisa SR is a smart, secure, point-to-multipoint SCADA communications radio for water, gas and electricity utility or Oil & Gas monitoring and control including:

  • Measuring flow, pressure & reservoir levels
  • Controlling shutdown and segmenting valvesAprisa SR
  • Controlling well, lift, booster and pump stations
  • Measuring casing pressures, temperatures, gas lift and flow valve positions
  • Low voltage distribution automation – load break switches, fault indicators, transformers, automatic reclosers etc.
  • Advanced metering infrastructure & traditional automatic meter reading low density data concentrator backhaul

the Aprisa SR supports serial, Ethernet and IP interfaces in a single, compact form factor, and is standards-based for long term incorporation into SCADA networks while protecting the legacy investment in serial devices. It integrates into a range of network topologies, with each unit configurable as a base station, repeater or remote unit.

The Aprisa SR requires no manual component tuning and maintains its high power output and performance over a wide temperature range.