4RF Aprisa XE Microwave Link

The Aprisa XE is a long haul, high-performance, flexible point-to-point microwave link. It is available in multiple frequency bands below 3 GHz, providing speeds up to 65 Mbit/s.

It can cover long distances, in excess of 200 km with a single link, making it ideal for rural, remote and offshore applications in all types of industries, from remote monitoring and video surveillance, to backhauling mobile radio, private networks and fixed wireless or mobile networks.

The Aprisa XE uses licensed frequency bands below 3 GHz and combines features such as powerful forward error correction and robust equalisation making it relatively unaffected by environmental conditions and allowing for the use of inexpensive, quickly deployed, lightweight antennas.Aprisa XE front left corner

The transmitter uses highly linear Class A LDMOS devices that deliver clean undistorted output power.  The Aprisa XE modem can be configured for 56 kbit/s in 400 MHz band channel, through to 65.4 Mbit/s in 2 GHz band channel and is designed to maximise data throughput, whatever your spectrum allocation, using modulation up to 128 QAM. The duplexer designs use 5 or 6 pole band-pass inter-digital cavity filters to give the best protection from interfering signals. All this is housed in robust  future-proof, single-box architecture that operates reliably despite temperature and environmental extremes.

These design features and the performance of the Aprisa XE allow the provision of carrier-class linking over paths with significant levels of obstruction, previously only considered linkable through alternative technologies, such as VSAT.

The Aprisa XE is perfect for applications in Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Transport,  Telecoms and much more. It can be used to either migrate from existing equipment that is outdated and no longer supported, or to bypass existing over-used network infrastructure, or to gain control of your own network and eliminate high operational costs.