How simple is it add I/O to systems?

How simple can it be to add I/O to ANY RS485 Modbus Master device (RTU/PLC/Controller/VSD) for SCADA?

Changes and innovations from Automation Groups telemetry manufacturers are making it much easier for users to add input/output (I/O) options to existing SCADA/PLC and Telemetry systems.

Adding I/O is often the best solution for keeping up with the demands of growing large systems or for automating previously manual processes while keeping the costs down to make the upgrade affordable.

Oleumtech, a global USA based manufacturer of wireless IO and wireless battery powered sensors have release a new RS485 I/O expansion system. The system is compatible with ANY Modbus RS485 Master Device and requires NO software configuration. These Modbus master devices include existing RTUs, PLCs, Pump Controllers, Sensors, Variable Speed Drives, and Soft Starters etc

Add IO to ANY RS485 Modbus MasterAdd IO to ANY RS485 Modbus Master device

The OleumTech RS485 I/O Expansion Kit is the simplest solution for expanding local and remote I/O counts to any Modbus Master device. This is a highly scalable solution as the RS485 Expansion Module can support up to 16 I/O Modules using Digital, 0-10 V, and/or 4-20 mA options in any combination.

Total flexibility is ensured as the same I/O Modules can be utilised for wireless applications with WIO® Radio Module. Every module is easy to install, mounting onto a 35 mm DIN rail without any tools and the kit includes all mounting hardware.