Aprisa FE Point-to-Point Ethernet Link Radio

The Aprisa FE is a narrow channel, point-to-point Ethernet-only radio for low capacity linking and backhaul of DMR and industrial monitoring or control signals.

New technologies, such as digital land mobile radio, need IP connectivity while cyber security concerns are driving the need for protected operation as standard even in low end applications.

The Aprisa FE provides a solution with cost effective, secure IP over Ethernet linking, while utilising the industry proven VHF/UHF bands – the mainstay for lower capacity linking and backhaul.Aprisa_FE_Ethernet Radio The Aprisa FE provides data rates of up to 240 kbit/s and has selectable L2 Bridge or L3 Router modes, with VLAN, QoS and filtering attributes to support narrow bandwidth channels. With AES encryption, authentication, L2 / L3 address filtering, L4 port application filtering and user access control the Aprisa FE protects against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

The Aprisa FE provides low cost, low capacity, digital mobile radio base station backhaul for: Mid-tier public safety, first responders; taxis, buses and public transport; construction, mining and utility service vehicles; and backhaul for third party RoIP (radio over IP linking) legacy analog adapters.

Remote control, monitoring and site security applications throughout a range of public safety, critical infrastructure and utility industries include: SCADA point-to-multipoint radio base station to master station linking; AMI/AMR high density data concentrator backhaul; renewables monitoring and disconnect; traffic management and electronic sign telemetry; agriculture and weather station linking; site security alarms, tower management, remote transmitter shutdown; and low-rate high resolution CCTV and automatic number plate reader backhaul (ANPR).

With high capacity, advanced IP connectivity, security and encryption in a reliable, robust, easily managed unit, the Aprisa FE provides the user with new standards in output and performance.

Download Product Data Sheet: APRISA FE