The Oleumtech IO MAX Transmitter is launched in Australia

Sydney, NSW, September 16, 2015– Automation Group Pty Ltd (, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation products, today announced the release in Australia of the Oleumtech IO MAX (MX1), the most flexible, self-contained Multi-I/O Wireless Transmitter … [Read more...]

Your SCADA Paging may be affected by 2G network turnoff

To date 2G has suited many applications requiring the transmission of small amounts of data like SCADA paging and there is a large installed base of 2g Modems installed throughout Australia. The sun-setting of 2G networks by both Telstra in 2016 and Optus in 2017 mean that these modems will need to … [Read more...]

Wangaratta Landfill Installs Remote Wireless Monitoring Technology

Melbourne, VIC, Sept 4, 2015– After an in depth investigation and a review of available technologies the Rural City of Wangaratta in Victoria selected Oleumtech wireless, battery powered sensors, an Oleumtech Wireless Gateway and a Brodersen RTU32 from Automation Group to monitor groundwater and … [Read more...]