Battery Powered Analog Transmitter

The Analog Transmitter is part of the WIO® family of industrial wireless automation products by OleumTech. The Analog Transmitter is an economical general-purpose wireless monitoring solution for a wide variety of analog input applications in hazardous locations. This device is self-contained and battery-powered making it ideal for use in remote and hazardous locations without power or communication line.

Analog Transmitter

Product Highlights

  • High Performance WIO® Wireless Connectivity
  • Ideal for Wirelessly Monitoring Analog Devices
  • 1, 2 or 4 Analog Input Option (0-5 Volt)
  • 24-bit ADC
  • Seamless Integration with Third-Party Analog Devices
  • Direct or Pipe-Mounting Versions for Integration Flexibility
  • License-Free 900 MHz Band, Secure Data Transmission (2.4 GHz Optional)
  • Intrinsically Safe for Use in Hazardous Locations
  • Self-Contained Battery Operation
  • Easy-to-Install, Configure and Use
  • User-Friendly BreeZ® Configuration Software


Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Petro-Chem, Water/Wastewater, Utilities, Irrigation Systems, Mining, SCADA Systems, 3A Sanitary, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Much More