Brodersen DNP3 RTU’s

(Not sure what is DNP3 is? click for a simpler explanation of DNP3)


Automation Group distributes, in Australia, the Brodersen range of Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for use in SCADA and telemetry systems. The Brodersen range of RTU equipment are an intelligent PLC based integrated RTU that are used in SCADA systems throughout Australia and the world. Control Automation in Australia is a growing industry and includes SCADA, PLC automation and remote monitoring by RTU using vaious communications methods such as satellite and radio as well as public networks such as telephone networks and now the national broadband network (NBN). The Brodersen range of RTU and PLC equipment interfaces with all common SCADA and communications systems using various protocols including DNP3, MODBUS and OPC. Some of the key features include:-

  • Certified DNP3 protocol
  • Certified RDCMP Protocol Functions
  • OPC
  • WITS (new)
  • RDCMP (new)
  • SNMP
  • High Performance 800mhz CPU
  • High Resolution 24 bit analogs
  • Range of I/O options
  • Fully tested with all major SCADA packages.

Automation Group offers the latest telemetry products below from Brodersen


You can download the Telemetry product spec sheets below. To view, you will need the Adobe Reader.