100-400A IP66 CT Metered MSB

As electricity demand in a commercial building increases beyond 100A, supply authority regulations require a CT metered Main Switch Board to be installed. The Baker Switchboards 100-400A IP66 CT Metered MSB is a state-of the-art design that provides the high quality, safety and reliability long associated with RN Bakers Switchboards and is fully compliant with AS/NZS 3439.1.

The 100-400A IP66 CT Metered MSB is a complete solution that can be mounted outdoors with a space saving (all in one cabinet) enclosure featuring Protection Classification IP66; protection against a wire touching dangerous parts; sealed against dust; and protection against water ingress.

The Baker Switchboards 100-400A IP66 CT Metered MSB also features:IP66 CT Metered Main Switch Board (MSB)

  • Separate service protection device section
  • Electronic Service Protection 100-400A
  • Up to 3 x 3 Pole breakers for outgoing
  • Supply Authority test block and meter section
  • Rated 31.5kA for 1 second
  • Metering CT section
  • Form 4aih

Automation Group’s Baker Switchboards division has been manufacturing premium switchboards for over 60 years also build include smaller whole current metering MSB’s, multi tenancy whole current metering MSB’s and CT metered Main Switchboards. All of these are readily available and feature ease of installation as they are completely wired – just connect the incoming, the outgoing and meter.

Download PDF:IP66 CT Metered MSB