Viper SC Digital IP Radio

The Viper SC Digital IP Radio is a software defined radio and is available for 12.5 & 25 kHz ACMA channels. Viper’s all soft digital interface offers a robust point to point communications link or for the creation of a wide area point to multi-point network.

The internal web browser offers a familiar interface for IT and network administrators to set up and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy unit upgrades from any location.

The Viper SC features include Routing for easy network expansion & management. Advanced diagnostic capabilities with network health, all available via SNMP. Over the air firmware upgrades ensure that your investment today is protected well into the future. Viper’s unique Multispeed allows for multiple speeds to operate in a Point to Multipoint network concurrently allowing enormous design flexibility over static speed networks. And of course the platform is entirely ’soft’ allowing for performance and feature upgrades without changing hardware.

 Viper IP Digital RadioDownload PDF: Viper SC Digital IP Radio