Gate End Panels for Mines

The Baker Switchboards Gate End Panels (GEP-Jumbo Starter) are field proven power distribution units designed to supply and protect underground section machines including shuttle cars, electric loaders, continuous miners and ventilation fans used in underground mining.

Australian and New Zealand underground mines are some of the safest in the world. This safety record is built on strict controls and legislation to ensure that the equipment and in particular those used in hazardous areas are of particularly high quality. The Baker Switchboards Gate End Panels features provide the highest level of safety compliance and include the following feature where required:Gate End Panel for underground mines

  • Live Line Indicators
  • IP65 2mm Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Protection relays AS/NSZ 2081 compliant
  • Outgoing receptacles (plugs) & Pilot relays
  • Sprecher Schuh safety contactors and PILZ relay for compliance with SIL2
  • Earth Leakage protection, Earth Continuity, Earth Fault lockout and Frozen Contact Protection

Baker Switchboards Gate End Panels also feature total mechanical segregation between ELV & LV power supplies. They have analogue meters and indicators for referencing motor current and voltage and an allowance for future fan or pump protection and control fibre/comms/PLC components.

Download PDF:Gate End Panels for Mines