The Oleumtech IO MAX Transmitter is launched in Australia

Sydney, NSW, September 16, 2015– Automation Group Pty Ltd (, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation products, today announced the release in Australia of the Oleumtech IO MAX (MX1), the most flexible, self-contained Multi-I/O Wireless Transmitter available.

The IO MAX is just one of the many Wireless Sensors and Transmitters that communicates with an OleumTech Wireless Gateway, creating a highly scalable network and accommodating virtually any I/O requirement.

The IO MAX Transmitter can be configured as a Modbus Master and multi-drop up to 16 instruments.

The 4 analog inputs can be independently set for any combination of 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC via DIP switches. The 2 digital inputs can be set as normally open or normally closed and are rated up to 24 VDC. The 2 digital open-drain outputs can sink up to 1 Amp of current.

The IO MAX Transmitter works with an external 9-24 VDC power source or with the optional OleumTech SX1000-SP2, 5 Watt 12 VDC CID2 Solar Power Pack.  When IO MAX is used with the optional Solar Power Pack option, each sensor can be powered by switchable 12 VDC or 12-18 VDC continuous power supply.

This flexible, cost effective solution is totally self-contained and ready-to- deploy! Cinfiguration is simple with the Oleumtech BreeZ® Software, provided free of charge with the Oleumtech IO MAX.

The Oleumtech IO MAX (MX1) is now available for shipping. Contact for more information.