Miri RD2006 RTU

The Miri RD2006 RTU is an extension of the proven AD2006 RTU that includes the Radtel RDCMP protocol. This RTU is able to operate on any existing Radtel analog or digital Radio network as well as communicate using DNP3!

Key FeaturesRD2006 RTU

  • Certified Radtel RDCMP Compliance
  • Extended Radtel RDCMP features including Starts/Runtimes, Store Forwarding and Peer to Peer transfers!
  • Internal Radio capable of communications on Radtel RDCMP networks!
  • DNP3 Protocol Capable for upgraded networks
  • Digital or Analog Radio Networks
  • Cost competitive product with inbuilt I/O to suit most applications.
  • Ethernet including RDCMP over ethernet.

Download the MIRI RD2006 Product Sheet