Why 50 kHz for SCADA Radio Networks?

  Consider a 50 kHz channel in a narrow band SCADA radio system to be a 4 lane freeway, a 25 kHz channel a 2 lane highway and a 12.5 kHz channel a single lane back road. More lanes means we can shift more data. Traditionally SCADA radio systems have operated with single speed … [Read more...]

What’s happening with Radtel SCADA?

Are you an employee at an organisation currently using Radtel SCADA V12 (or earlier) running on Windows XP? If so, by now you’re probably aware of this message from Microsoft.   There’s no need to panic however, as you can easily and affordably upgrade to Radtel SCADA V13 which has … [Read more...]

The Oleumtech IO MAX Transmitter is launched in Australia

Sydney, NSW, September 16, 2015– Automation Group Pty Ltd (, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation products, today announced the release in Australia of the Oleumtech IO MAX (MX1), the most flexible, self-contained Multi-I/O Wireless Transmitter … [Read more...]

How simple is it add I/O to systems?

How simple can it be to add I/O to ANY RS485 Modbus Master device (RTU/PLC/Controller/VSD) for SCADA? Changes and innovations from Automation Groups telemetry manufacturers are making it much easier for users to add input/output (I/O) options to existing SCADA/PLC and Telemetry systems. Adding … [Read more...]

Your SCADA Paging may be affected by 2G network turnoff

To date 2G has suited many applications requiring the transmission of small amounts of data like SCADA paging and there is a large installed base of 2g Modems installed throughout Australia. The sun-setting of 2G networks by both Telstra in 2016 and Optus in 2017 mean that these modems will need to … [Read more...]

Wangaratta Landfill Installs Remote Wireless Monitoring Technology

Melbourne, VIC, Sept 4, 2015– After an in depth investigation and a review of available technologies the Rural City of Wangaratta in Victoria selected Oleumtech wireless, battery powered sensors, an Oleumtech Wireless Gateway and a Brodersen RTU32 from Automation Group to monitor groundwater and … [Read more...]

Upgrading a legacy protocol to DNP3 and IP

A cost effective solution for upgrading an existing legacy Radtel protocol network to DNP3 and IP network All around Australia organisations face the same issues of ageing SCADA and Telemetry systems and the need to plan for their ultimate replacement. Automation Group has helped many … [Read more...]

Automation Group Release New Oleumtech DH3 Ethernet Wireless Gateway

Sydney, NSW, April 27, 2015– Automation Group Pty Ltd (, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation products, today announced the release in Australia of the Oleumtech DH3 Ethernet Wireless Gateway for industrial wireless sensor and I/O networks.  The DH3 … [Read more...]

Automation Group Attends NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

  Automation Group were Prime Sponsors and exhibitors at 9th Annual WIOA NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition held in Orange this week. Hundreds of water industry personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of water related infrastructure attended the conference … [Read more...]

Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa help Automation Group Charity Little Wings

The wonderful charity Little Wings, which flies children to hospital when they need lifesaving treatment, has just benefited from an amazing promotion led by radio duo Fitzy & Wippa. Through promotions on the top rating Nova Sydney radio station 2000 bears were sold to raise money for Little … [Read more...]