Power Factor Correction

Poor power quality has a detrimental impact on any electrical system and can dramatically increase power bills if uncorrected. 

Baker Switchboards offer an automatic, stepped Power Factor Correction device that improves the operating efficiency of electrical power systems in both propriety stand alone enclosures and custom built assemblies incorporated into switchboards. When applied correctly, power factor correction can reduce electricity costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

Harmonics also impact on the electrical installation and can cause significant overheating in electrical components and cables and also lead to accelerated ageing in these copower-factor-correction-unit-235x300mponents. Poor harmonics can cause unexplained power outages and malfunctions in equipment sensitive to power quality. These failures cost money and increase down time.

Monitoring of an installation can be offered by Baker Switchboards so the appropriate power quality correction device, for both power factor and harmonic correction is selected.