Power & Signals

Automation Group offers a wide range of Power Supply and Signal Conditioning solutions.

Loop Isolatorsloop isolator

The elimination of ground loops in your analogue 4-20mA signal loops is the key to reliable and accurate measurements. Our OMNITERM products can solve these system problems, whether you just need to isolate a transmitter from its power source, or whether you need to split the loop into two for the addition of data acquisition or monitoring.

Signal Transmitters

The latest “sigma/delta” conversion technology combined with full software configurability makes these OMNITERM products the most accurate and versatile in their class.

 Limit Alarms /Trip AmplifiersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A range of alarm modules are available from simple limit alarms with manually adjustable set-points to software configurable units capable of rate-of-change alarming direct from the sensor input.

Power Supplies

The POWERTERM range of instrument power supplies are designed as the ideal power source for many instrument applications, whether you just require reliable 12 or 24Vdc instrument power, battery backed up uninterrupted dc power, or dc power from more difficult sources such as high voltage dc battery banks.

 Modbus Modules

The Modbus serial protocol provides a very convenient and low cost method of getting plant signals into your SCADA or PLC system. This OMNITERM range of Modbus Modules provides an easy to use interface for remote data gathering of a few plant signals.


These modules are designed to solve those tricky special functions required in certain processes, where the sensors require to be conditioned according to a more complex mathematical formula. Available functions include deviation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, linearization, rate-of change, peak, valley, ratio, track-and-hold, etc.