Automation and Electrical Products & Services

Automati31wt_transmitterpngon Group’s Industrial Electrical and Automation Products & Services are designed and selected for the Mining, Energy, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Water and Waste Water Industries. We supply Industrial Automation equipment including Wireless Sensors, Telemetry equipment and SCADA hardware & software.

Automation Group also provides electrical products including pre-designed electrical switchboards for the Mining, Power and Water industries as well as custom built switchboards, designed and produced to suit any electrical applications.

Our Technical Services department is able to provide technical services and support that assist Engineering firms, Electrical contractors and End Users with the deployment and life time support of SCADA, PLC and telemetry systems. While Automation Group does not provide installation and prime contract project management, we are able to perform as the technical services department for your organisation by making use of our Technical Services division and advanced 24/7 System support centre. Technical Services are able to work with all the major brands of SCADA, PLC and Telemetry equipment.


  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) – Brodersen & Miri RTU’s
  • Wireless IO – Oleumtech Range of Wireless Gateways and Wireless IO
  • Wireless Sensors – Complete Range of Oleumtech Wireless Pressure, Flow, Level and RTD Sensors
  • Radios – Viper IP Radio Equipment


  • ClearSCADA including many add on solutions and templates
  • Historical Databases and Import Tools
  • Wonderware SCADA


  • SCADA, PLC and RTU Design, Programming and Commissioning
  • Telemetry Maintenance Services
  • Radio Network Design including Field Surveys.

Support – 24 Hour SCADA, PLC and Telemetry Support