Baker Switchboards Basic Pump Starter

The Baker Switchboards WP7AIP65 Basic Pump Starter is a control box that starts and stops pumps. The user can set start and stop times with the integrated analog 24hr 7 day time clock. The unit also incorporates a Manual Override.

The WP7AIP65 Basic Pump Starter has an adjustable over-pressure limit switch.  The upper pressure limit can be set by simply adjusting a dial on the control panel. The upper-pressure limit ensures the system pressure can’t exceed an acceptable level. It means a high pressure pump can be effectively controlled and held within safe working limits preventing it from producing high enough pressure to burst pipes, flood a building, or injure a bystander.Baker Switchboards Basic Pump Controller

A pump motor under the control of a WP7AIP65 Basic Pump Starter is protected by a no flow cut out switch. If the WP7AIP65 Basic Pump Starter senses the loss of flow or the lack of pressure it stops the pump. Pumps can also be damaged by other conditions such as low voltage, lightning strikes, and power spikes so the Basic Pump Starter incorporates control power protection as well.

The Baker Switchboards WP7AIP65 Basic Pump Starter is enclosed in an impact resistant enclosure to IK08A and is suitable for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Download PDF:Baker Switchboards Basic Pump Starter