Automation Group’s SCADA & Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) solutions are ideally suited for upstream production and midstream distribution in the Oil & Gas industry where customers have many remote assets such as flow computers and RTUs and for telemetry applications commonly found in the water industry such as pump up and pump down control, sewage lift station, tank/level measurement and control, and wireless instrumentation monitoring.

Our Oil & Gas solutions include built-in drivers and a polling engine for all major equipment manufacturers and can export flow computer data to external reporting packages, such as Flowcal, PGas or production accounting systems. The software can be optimised for low and high bandwidth communication links over public infrastructure, such as mobile networks, WiMAX and dial-up land lines, and is well-suited for private serial and Ethernet radio networks.


ClearSCADA is an open SCADA software platform that provides powerful features for the management of critical infrastructure. It’s scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike.

Distributed system architectures provide high performance and availability as well as disaster recovery capabilities, while the integrated historian facility and open standard interfaces allow long term storage and analysis of data for even the largest systems.  Historical field data is made available to local and remote users via integrated clients and third-party data management applications. 


Indusoft  is a powerful, integrated collection of automation tools that includes all the building blocks needed to develop modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and embedded instrumentation and control applications.

The primary offering, InduSoft Web Studio, employs a development canvas with a drag-and-drop paradigm and a symbol library, which allows users to drag a graphic symbol from the library and drop it onto the canvas. From there, the symbols can be connected in a way that reflects the design of a plant floor. Applications designed in InduSoft Web Studio enable plant engineers and operators to visualize plant floor operations and to issue operational commands either remotely or locally.

Red Lion

From factories to extreme remote locations, Red Lion’s Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) solutions enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control processes across a diverse range of industries that include manufacturing, oil and gas, water and waste water. The Red Lion HMI Visual Management solutions includes HMI Operator Panels, Panel Meters, Large LED Displays and HMI & Panel Meter Accessories.
Red lion