Dual 6kW DOL sewerage pump controller

The Baker Switchboards Dual 6kW DOL Sewerage Pump Station Control is a sewerage pump starter designed specifically for Direct On Line (DOL) dual sewerage pumping. It can control 2 pumps with the integrated Multitrode level controller and has the option to run 1 pump at a time or 2 pumps with one being backup for high pumping requirements.

The pump start is completely pre-wired ready for supply authority metering to be fitted, allowing for a very quick installation. It also provides compatibility with multiple RTU/radio and SCADA platforms, for flexibility and ease of installation.

Baker Switchboards sewerage pump starters are manufactured and tested to comply with Australian Standards, making them the best in the industry. The Baker Switchboards Dual 6kW DOL sewerage pump station control features:Dual 6kW DOL Sewerage Pump Control

  • Full automated or manual control system
  • External strobe alarms for high level
  • Electronic overloads for motor protection
  • Multitrode controllers for level with back up float system
  • Local indication for pump status – Volts, Amps, run, fault, hours run

We can provide a comprehensive range of pump control panels, from the simplest type with basic start and stop functions to highly sophisticated, intelligent smart panels using state-of–the-art monitoring and control systems. Pump starter panels for managing stormwater, sewerage, and for many other applications, align with strict Australian Customer and Hydraulic Consultants specifications.

Download .PDF: Dual 6kW DOL Sewerage Pump Station Contol