Site Sentinel RTU and Data Loggers

Site Sentinel X1

site-sentinel-x1-smallThe Site Sentinel X1 is a waterproof, industrial-grade, ultra low-power RTU and Data Logger with non-volatile Flash memory and an internal 3G-compliant cellular modem. It’s flexible device configuration enables the measurement of a variety of analog and digital signals, providing highly-reliable, direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package. Host compatibility is ensured with integrated DNP3.0 protocol support. Custom data reporting and wake-from-sleep regimes can be user configured to balance battery life against data reporting requirements. Remote configuration and device management is supported via leading SCADA applications.  The Site Sentinel X1 suits a wide range of Utility and environmental applications.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra-low power consumption data logger and RTU
  • Integrated 3G-compliant cellular modem
  • SMS capability for remote monitoring and diagnosis
  • Internal and external antenna variants
  • DNP3 protocol support
  • UV stabilised, IP68 ABS-plastic enclosure
  • In-built solar regulator

Download PDF: Site Sentinel X1 RTU and Data Logger

Site Sentinel P1®

Site Sentinel® P1data logger and RTUThe P1 is the industrial variant of the Site Sentinel® range. It provides very reliable, direct to host data monitoring in a single package. The P1’s flexible configuration enables the measurement of a variety of digital and analog signals. Data is stored internally on non-volatile Flash memory with upstream communications provided via an internal 3G cellular modem. Integrated DNP3.0 support ensures host compatibility. The low-profile, robust enclosure suits a variety of installations including flat-panel and DIN rail mounting. Download PDF:

Download PDF: Site Sentinel P1 RTU and Data Logger 

Site Sentinel M1®

site-sentinel-m1-smallThe M1 is the waterproof, variant of the Site Sentinel® data logger and RTU. It provides integrated float switches and reliable direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package. It is designed to operate in the field for up to ten years on a single set of batteries (when configured for one report per day). The Site Sentinel® M1 is perfect for high or low, high and low, or high-high alarm level monitoring of sewer and drainage manholes. Download PDF:

Download PDF: Site Sentinel M1 RTU and Data Logger

Site Sentinel Applications:

  • Water reservoir monitoring
  • Sewer-manhole monitoring
  • Drainage outfall monitoring
  • Stream flow & level monitoring
  • Remote Fuel tank level monitoring
  • Water grid-zone pressure monitoring
  • Pollution, smoke and dust monitoring
  • Stock route water tank level monitoring
  • Traffic logging & congestion monitoring