From electrical switchboards to basic monitoring and control or full SCADA installations many industries are adopting Automation Group technologies. Following are some common industries and applications where Automation Group products provide excellent results.

Water & waste water

Solutions for Automated Water Collection and Distribution
The OleumTech Wireless and Brodersen telemetry systems extends the life of aging SCADA systems and provides localised distributed control functions in a wireless, peer-to-peer manner. Two or more remote facilities can be interconnected to enable wireless monitoring of the process data and on-site control/execution. Our innovative programmable control systems are ideal for the water industry as water intake control logic can be optimised based on data collected from all phases of delivery – the wells, pumps, tanks and purification facilities, from remote wireless sensor and telemetry devices.

Water/Wastewater Applications:

  • Lift Station Status
  • Remote Pumping Stations
  • VFD Pump Operation
  • Reservoir Level Monitoring
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Wastewater/Sewer Collection Systems
  • Water Irrigation Systems/Agriculture


Solutions for Pipeline Cathodic Protection
Gas pipeline operators have turned to the OleumTech Wireless and Brodersen telemetry systems to automatically collect and report corrosion prevention data and transmit data back to the central SCADA system via wireless RF network. These remote systems have traditionally been maintained by technicians going to a site to take readings and make adjustments. The OleumTech wireless communication devices have replaced this expensive and time-consuming process.

Energy/Utility Applications:

  • Transformer Temperature
  • Natural Gas Flow
  • Power Outage Reporting
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Rectifier Voltage Reading

 Industrial process monitoring & control

Solutions for Optimising Process Monitoring and Control
Integrating wireless telemetry sensors into certain plant operations can provide greater benefits than simply lowering implementation costs – i.e. optimize plant performance/productivity. Deploying OleumTech Wireless System in the plant has translated into improved process efficiencies and process optimization by measuring secondary process parameters. The OleumTech Wireless and Brodersen telemetry systems enable process control improvement and provide the flexibility and portability needed for commissioning more wireless telemetry devices for a better view of the process.

Wireless Process Monitoring and Control Applications:

  • Liquid Level Measurement – eliminate manual readings of tank levels and storage liquid products
  • Valve/Pump Control – remotely actuate elements actuated manually such as ball valves
  • Equipment (Condition/Status) – monitor the status of a switch or a proximity sensor, on/off and run/stop
  • Environmental Monitoring – measure temperature, flow, pressure, corrosion and vibration

Oil & gas 

Enabling the Digital Oilfield of Tomorrow, Today
Oil and Gas companies turn to innovative technologies when faced with challenges of achieving operational goals and meeting increased worldwide demand for energy. Operators must expand and find better ways to increase their current production levels while complying with environmental regulations. With technological advances in wireless communication and remote telemetry, today, there is the ability to automate and control production sites in widely dispersed geographic areas. The OleumTech Wireless and Brodersen Automation Solutions enable a new age of digital oilfields with better, faster, and near real-time information to improve productivity, processes and regulatory compliance.

Upstream (Production) Applications:

  • Plunger Lift/Artificial Lift Optimization
  • Well-head Automation
  • RTU/EFM I/O Extensions
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Monitoring
  • Pump/Compressor Station Control Systems
  • Midstream (Pipeline/Tank Farm) Applications:
  • Tanks Level Monitoring
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection
  • Rectifier Voltage Monitoring
  • Gas/Liquid Flow Measurement
  • Pipeline Pressure and Valve Monitoring


Reducing Emissions with Flare Stack Monitoring
Flaring is an inevitable process in refining activities, not only for safety reasons during upset processes (start-up, shut down), but also when managing the disposal of waste gases in hydrocarbon routine operations. To accurately determine methane production levels and flow, our Wireless Pressure Transmitter can detect both pressure and vacuum present within the methane production system. In addition, our Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor Transmitter and Wireless Thermocouple Sensor Transmitters takes temperature measurement readings at the point of heat in an active flame, verifying that methane is burning.

  • Downstream (Refining) Applications:
  • Raw Material Tank Levels
  • Flare Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU) / Electronic Flow Meters (EFM) IO Extensions
  • Pressure Relief and Shut-off Valves
  • Steam Trap Monitoring
  • Flow Meter Monitoring