Our range of telemetry products includes: Miri RTU’s; the Brodersen RTU/PLC with a range of protocols including DNP3, MODBUS and SNMP; The newly released Oleumtech WIO System, a standalone wireless I/O mirroring system; the OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network; The Site Sentinel range of RTU and Data Loggers; The Metermade range of Meter Interface Units; the 4RF Aprisa range of  narrow band point-to-multipoint & Ethernet-only radiosand Viper radio equipment. Together, this range of telemetry products is able to provide the solution to any of your stand-alone telemetry needs as well as interfacing to any of your existing SCADA and telemetry systems.

OLEUMTECH – Wireless Sensor NetworkOleumtech Base Unit

New to the industry and already an enormous success  is the Oleumtech Wireless Sensor Network which incorporates range of Wireless Gateways, Wireless I/O and Wireless Battery Powered Sensors with Transmitters,  that are bridging the gap traditional RTU products were too complex to fill. Have you ever just needed to get some IO back to your main RTU/PLC or SCADA system without the cost of a full RTU? No doubt you have found that trenching is not the solution and now, finally, the Oleumtech range of Wireless IO will solve this problem and interface directly with your PLC/RTU or SCADA device! In addition, the range can act as a stand alone IO transfer, and can be battery operated, so at last you can get those few signals back and interface to any of your existing electrical controls circuits.

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4RF – Smart Radios for Smart Networks

The 4RF Aprisa Radios are designed for long distance point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA networks.  The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ provide smart, secure, narrow band point-to-multipoint radios for SCADA and telemetry applications and support all analogue and digital interfaces for a wide variety of applications. The Aprisa XE is for high capacity wireless connectivity over long haul distances were the performance of a flexible point-to-point microwave link is perfect. It is available in multiple frequency bands below 3 Aprisa XE front left cornerGHz providing speeds up to 65 Mbit/s  and can it can cover long distances, in excess of 200 km, however challenging the conditions.

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SITE SENTINEL & METERMADE – RTU & Data Loggerssite-sentinel-m1-small

The Site Sentinel data logger and RTU and Metermade flow meter telemetry solutions family are taking some utilities sectors by storm.  They provide highly-reliable, direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package. The range includes: low power, weatherproof loggers; ultrasonic liquid level monitors, Manhole Surcharge Monitors, Pulse-output Meter Interface Units in 3G or 4G; and Pulse-Output Meter Interface Units with internal Globalstar® satellite units.

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The Brodersen Range of DNP3 and SNMP RTU equipment is leading the industry in technology and features with the highest speed processor available, SNMP as standard and the capacity to operate as a stand alone pump controller with built in Web pages for IPAD & other handheld interfaces. In the new age, where information technology (IT) and SCADA systems are coming together, Brodersen is theRTU32only choice to ensure the security and integrity of your control systems at the same time as the flexibility and security you require in your IT systems.

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MIRI – RD2006

The Miri RD2006 is a modern RTU capable of operating on the Radtel RDCMP networks as well as being upgraded to communicate on DNP3 networks. The RD2006 comes complete with an inbuilt, upgradable analog radio for communicating using the existing networks before upgrading to communicate on a future, high speed network.RD2006 RTU

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VIPER - Digital IP Radio

Our Digital IP Radio, by Viper, is taking SCADA and Telemetry Fixed Radio Networks to the next level. Gone are the days of slow speed, serial networks for your SCADA and Telemetry network. Enter a product that uses IP technology natively and is available for the 12.5 & 25 kHz ACMA channels. The Viper SC Radio features include routing for easy network expansion & managment, advanced diagnostic capabilities (available via SNMP) and speeds of up to 48 kpbs.

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