RTD Temperature Sensor

OleumTech Wireless RTD Temperature Transmitter integrates Platinum 100 ohm RTD Sensor in its self-contained, battery-powered design. This wireless temperature sensor provides precise temperature measurement and is ideal for use in various mission-critical industrial applications. 

The direct-mount version of this transmitter includes an RTD sensor ranging from 2 to 18 inches in 1 inch increments while the pipe-mount version includes a junction box for managing wiring. In addition, the OleumTech RTD Transmitter can be used with any third-party Platinum 100 ohm RTD sensor.

This OleumTech wireless temperature sensor is intrinsically safe and is IECex certified for use in hazardous areas. It can be operated in a hazardous environment with or without the enclosure without the risk or fear of causing an explosion.  This wireless end node transmits collected temperature data to a Wireless Gateway that supports Modbus.

Product highlights:

  • High Performance Wireless ConnectivityTemperature Transmitter
  • Ideal for Wirelessly Monitoring Air, Gas, Water, or Liquid Temperatures
  • Measures Temperature Range From -70°C to 500°C
  • Direct or Pipe-Mounting Versions for Integration Flexibility
  • Supports All Standard Platinum 100 Ohm (PT-100) RTD Sensors
  • 22-Bit ADC with ±0.1°C Accuracy
  • No Calibration Required for Direct-Mount (Short Loop)
  • 2” to 18” Sensor Length Option for Direct-Mount Version
  • Easy Access Wiring Connection for Pipe-Mount Version
  • License-Free 900 MHz Band, Secure Data Transmission (2.4 GHz Optional)
  • Intrinsically Safe for Use in Hazardous Locations - Class 1 Division 1 C1D1 Wireless
  • Self-Contained Battery Operation
  • Easy-to-Install, Configure and Use
  • Connects to Wireless Gateways
  • User-Friendly BreeZ® Configuration Software


  • Oil and Gas
  • Water and WasteWater
  • Petro-Chem
  • Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • HVAC Systems

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