Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The Wireless Ultrasonic Liquid Level transmitter by Oleumtech is a non-contact ultrasonic level monitoring solution with no moving parts. This liquid level sensor utilises field-proven ultrasonic level sensor technology with high resolution of 1mm and is ideal for monitoring water storage tanks of up to 12 ft. The Oleumtech Wireless Hydrostatic Level  is self-contained, battery-powered liquid measurement solution made especially for remote, rugged environments without access to a power line.  The transmitter uses license-free, secure data transmission with a range of up 2.3 Km. It is equipped with a local LCD display that can be used for reading process data and for programming the device. Thus, cables and PC are no longer required for quickly setting up the device. It provides mounting hardware with a 6-inch adjustable compression fitting. 


  • Self-Contained, Battery-Powered, Intrinsically Safe
  • Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Monitoring Solution with No Moving Parts
  • Level Reading Range: 30 cm to 3.4 m
  • High Resolution of 1 mm 
  • Measures Level, Volume, Tank %, and More
  • User Selectable Display Units – US or Metric
  • Provides Mounting Solution – Compression Fitting with 1.5” NPT Male (6” Adjustability)
  • Ideal for Water and Wastewater Applications
  • Highly Reliable and Requires Low Maintenance
  • Connects to Wireless Gateways

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